Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ugh, Being Fit is GAY!!!!

I absolutely wish I was straight right now. Yeah, that's not really true, but let me explain my feelings. I'm not a shallow guy. I don't base relationships on hot bodies and gorgeous features (they don't hurt of course) but a large part of the gay population seems to (NOTE: refering mostly to gays my age of course, people get wiser as they get older it seems). I am slim. But I don't have abs, or really nice pecks, I do have nice legs. And apparently trying to get a lover without abs these days is like trying to get a good job without a college degree. So, I went personal trainer hunting. No, I'm not looking for a lover, I do have Fraggot, and he doesn't care about me having abs (he has enough muscles for the both of us, haha), but still, I want to be prepared if things don't work out with us once he's in Italy.

But I noticed that personal trainers don't look like they do on tv and movies. All the guys I met were about 40 , going bald, and looked rediculously like huge, muscular pigs. If I'm going to be bench pressing with someone standing over my head spotting me, I want to be looking up at a gorgeous man. And then I came to the thought of changing rooms or lockers. Maybe I do need to find a gym full of old, ugly men. I can't see myself acting very polite in a locker room full of young guys in various stages of undress or showering (know that song "Stop and Stare"... yeah).

Well, to wrap this up this is how I ultimately feel on the issue of being fit in the gay community. Do you see how many just ok guys walk around with beautiful women on their arms? Now how often do you see that happening with us queers? Right, like .000001% of the time (usually when the not so hot guy is rich). Ugh! I need to go eat my feelings away!!!

P.S. from Fraggot:

Hey yall, what's up? So, I'm Scott aka Fraggot. So, Jake just ran off to the bathroom and had this up. Only have a minute. Don't really have anything to say, just thought I would piss Jake off lol. LOVE HIM haha, but its fun :P JAKE IS SOOOO GAY!!!!!!!!

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