Monday, March 15, 2010

Jumping Ahead is NEVER a Good Thing

So, going back to school is always hard after vacation. ESPECIALLY when your first day comes right after day light savings. I've never understood why we continue to torture ourselves with that mess. I mean, we're not doing it for usable daylight hours to work in dimly lit factories anymore, and the excuse that it saves energy is laughable, while most of us keep lights, fans, tvs, computers, and a plethora of otherthings running all day long, in rooms we don't visit. So lets just all vote to end day light savings. Well, we can keep the falling back one I guess. Though that does make the jumping forward one necessary doesn't it? Well, anywho. This whole time change thing wrecked my day.

Waking up to a fresh cup of coffee right before heading into work is one of life's little bright spots for me. There are two conditions to it happening though. Notice I said "waking up to", that requires someone to have made it for me. While my mother doesn't live with me, that naturally leaves... you guessed it, the one and only, spectacular Fraggot. Happily he was with me this morning, though recall we were in the mountains. And we had to be back by the time I had to be at work (we're young, we figured rushing back to our lives wouldn't be hard), but because we were on vacation we forgot about freeking day light savings. And therefore woke up an hour late. With no time for coffee, we dashed to the car, Fraggot carrying all the luggage at once still in his night wear, just pj bottoms (the sight of his muscles carrying that luggage made me forget about any stupid work schedule lol). Jumping in the car, I threw him a shirt and a sweater, and off we dashed. Luckily we had cleaned up and packed the night before.

Driving swiftly down the highway through a small town, we were naturally pulled over by a hick policeman. Explaining to him that we had just vacationed in the mountains and had to be back to our city at a certain time, he began to look at us funnily. "Just you two? On vacation? Together?" At which point Fraggot got very upset looking and said, "Yes, we're gay. Can we please have a ticket or be on our way officer?". The cop gave a grunt, and said, "Oh yes sir you're gettin' a ticket all right". Maybe it was only because we are gay, but I tend to believe it was because Fraggot against my warnings was driving 60 in a 35. After waiting another 20 mins, we were finally back on the road. Rushing again down the interstates. He swerved into my office parking lot just 1 1/2 hours after I was supposed to be there. Gave me a kiss and a slap on the ass and then sped away, probably to go to bed.

Work after all that was a dreadfull, dreadfull disaster, as I was exhausted beyond measure. And then, ontop of all that I had a ton of work. Just one hour's differance in my day made it a living hell.

After work came class, after class came thankfully more time with Fraggot. Then finally came bed. Or... no. Time to write that paper I forgot about. Now, finally at the end of the day I can go to bed after posting my feelings and thoughts. And my feelings are...

To hell with daylight savings and all of its problem making trouble.

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