Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shouldn't at work... but things happen

So, I work. Yeah, I'm not one of those crazy, rich gays. The office that I work at is in a business park, and there is a company that like manages all the care for the buildings. None of their employees speak English, but I've been talking to this one Latino guy with my eyes lol ;) I worked late tonight, and all of a sudden I noticed him there, working on one of the doors to an office near my cubical. Every time I looked over he would smile, and reach up to the top hinge, stretching his really fit body. Hmmm... interesting how you don't need language to communicate. I got up and walked over to him and said, "hola". He laughed and said, "Hey, what's up". I turned really red, apparently I stereotyped when I said none of them speak English. He told me he had to see if the door would close, so I stepped into the office. It did close, and he checked the lock too. Next thing I know we're on the desk making out, then his shirt is on the floor and my hands are on his incredible body. Then, just as things are getting really hot... I hear a vaccuum... and wake up.

You really shouldn't fall asleep at work until closing, especially if you're still on the clock. But shit happens. And, just as a little side note, I wouldn't ever cheat on Fraggot. Plus he's only going to be with me for like another month and a half. Oh yeah, sad news to impart, Fraggot is going to Italy for an exchange, starting this summer for an internship and staying for the next school year. I still love him, and we're going to live up the next month, but still, sad times.

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