Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random thought

So, I've just been getting over a serious bout of mono. And in trying to trace where I may have got it from (shared cup/bong with a roommate, beer bottles, the occasional girls my boyfriend apparently makes out with) I decided that it just really isn't fair that I got it. I mean, I can't drink for the next six weeks, I can't really kiss my very kissable boyfriend (even though he did kiss me today, as explained in the earlier post... cross your fingers that he stays healthy), and I can't run or do crunches, ergo I shall be fat by the time I am better. I mean, I apparently got this illness because someone else carelessly passed it on to me. So take this as a warning all you club kissing crazy gays out there. When you're swappin' spit with that cute, shirtless guy on the dance floor, think about not being able to drink... FOR SIX WEEKS!!! Anyway, I know that was a rediculous rant, but hey, what can I say. Fraggot says he thinks I'll be cuter with a little extra on me, (as he stared at a cute guy's ass. I don't know how his bros don't know he's gay. I mean he loves me and all, but the boy likes looking at a cute ass, and his frat house is filled with them). Oh well, we'll see. If he likes me chubby then he is the one. End of story, we're getting married ;)

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