Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Really? Third post in my first night??

I know. This is rediculous. I should stop. But OMG this fun! There is absolutely no one here to tell me to stfu (of course, there is also no one reading this, so its a little scarry... like I'm talking to my self). Well, there is one person. Fraggot is on speaker phone and I'm pretty much commenting on what I'm typing and he is telling me to stfu, but he's pretty so I let him get away with it. Ok. So here is what I decided needed to be typed. My list of beautiful gay men, well actors. I have this thing, right, where I hate it, hate it, hate it, when straight guys play gay men in gay movies. I mean, it gets your hopes up that you just might one day be able to make out with them, but then no, they're married to a super model and have 17 fucking children. Ugh, anyway. I have a list of beautiful gay men (fraggot's number one, but you can't have him, so I'm not putting him on the list :p). OK! (And they're not in any particular order)

1. Chad Allen
2. Neil Patrick Harris
3. Scott Evans
4. JOHN BARROWMAN (ok, I should have made him number one, but I'm too lazy to change things, but his is my favorite man. Fraggot even knows that if Barrowman were to ever propose to me (which would be sad, as he's married, and he and his husband are cute together) I would gladly accept and spend my life with him)
5. Tab Hunter (when he was young. OMG, breathless)
6. David Burtka
7. Eric Millegan (in a weird, nerd way)

That's all I have right now. I know I am forgetting some. On the off chance that anyone ever reads this, add to it! But only gay actors, none of those heterosexual dash-your-dreams actors. We can make another list for straight actors who we'd love to make gay on another post :)

Peace and Love dears!!! (Fraggot says "Take it easy bros". He does his best :) )

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