Wednesday, March 10, 2010

British People Are My Drug

I love British guys. I mean, screwed up teeth and all, their accents make the vast majority of them gorgeous. I have to say, I don't find many American men heartachingly attractive, except of course Fraggot. But if a British guy is just the slightest bit cute I find him instantly hot. There are British people who live in my dorm, and I am such a perv around them I think. Like for instance, I will walk slower when I hear them behind me so I can look at them from behind (they work out and play soccer, they have nice arses), or when I go for a run, I might see one of them and divert my path to run the same way, or if I see the odd one out at the gay club (yes we have only 1) I will run up and do all I can to get a kiss (Fraggot can't be jealous, it wouldn't happen if he would go to the gay club with me). Mmmmmm, there is just really nothing better than a British accent... except when its on a really hot body. And come to think of it, I remember watching this interview with Prince Harry (you know the really cute one, his brother might get to be king, but he also looks like his dad) when I was in high school and that night I had this wonderful dream about how I married him and lived with him in a castle. Ahhh, oh well, if fairy tales never come true for straight girls, good luck to the gay boy right, haha.

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