Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Class is Lost

I was always raised to be an exemplary person. Hold doors for ladies, 'yes sir' 'no ma'am', 'two lumps with milk?', but today you just don't find many people who have any sort of manners. For instance, people in my classes, they yawn with their mouths wide open, no hand covering them, they talk when others are presenting (even when the professor is teaching) and I'm not talking about whispering, they straight up talk, and there are those people who just do everything in a personal and selfish manner. I'm not a snob, but do lets try to walk on the right side of the walkway, or not eat with your mouth open at a table in public. No one wants to see you masticate.

Fraggot is always getting onto me about this. He says that I'm too old fashioned, that I should just understand that people these days don't really care how others percieve them, and (the ultimate issue for him) I should stop my bitching because it is equally as rude. I think my bitching is just an unfortunate reaction of being well bred around rude people, and that it is as unavoidable as catching a cold from someone yawning or coughing without covering their mouth (see, there are reasons one does this).

But maybe I should try to give up my discomfort with rudeness. Perhaps I should just try to let myself slip into the murky waters of uncultured-ness and slide along with the others who live their days as sloppy messes.

I think not!

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  1. Hahaha, my mother was born and raised southern! With that "privilege" came a great responsibility, that being to NEVER be...uncivilized(DUM DUM DUM!!!!!) So, I completely understand, and agree with you on every point here...(and let me know when bitchy becomes a bad thing... Because for now...I think I will enjoy it!)
    Have an awesome day...And I think I will follow you, because you are very humorous